CC International Services Inc., is a Sino-US business consulting company and a wholesale distributor in Oregon, USA.  The company located in Beaverton, Oregon has been committed to promote trade and cultural exchange between China and the US since 2007.

CC  International Services Inc. supports businesses to successfully expand  into the Chinese or US markets by providing a full spectrum of  global commerce,  market information, and import/export compliance consulting services to help you effectively compete in either country’s marketplace.

Our direct import and export service is to buy from manufacturers directly per your design, using your logo or trade name. With our full-service, you would enjoy the seamless process from sampling to the final delivery at your door without worrying about working with different cultures and language, taking the hassle of traveling overseas and facing the risks of having unpleasant surprises.

CC International Services Inc. is an exclusive distributor of Leons fashion scarves. To help with the versatility of a woman’s wardrobe, we offer fresh and fashionable scarves with variety and value. Our scarves capture a classic and unique elegance that suits the sensibility of today’s contemporary woman.  We look forward to helping you find a fashion that will complement your stores’ sales.

CC International Services Inc. is a vendor of several solar manufacturers. We help Oregon solar companies to recycle their solar scraps and turn them into energy renewable products. Our goal is to make our contribution to keep the Pacific Northwest greener and prettier.